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Body By Design

Thursday, 7AM: You wake up to the sound of your alarm barely able to open your eyes (damn that 3rd glass of wine). You stagger into your shower and proceed to get ready for your day. You squeeze into your dress that’s feeling weirdly tighter than just a few days ago and make a beeline for your local Starbucks where the barista knows you by name. Your order – venti low fat soy latte with four Splenda and a blueberry muffin – is set and ready to go (three times a day for years pretty much makes you VIP). 


You go to work where you will continue to do your daily tasks on auto pilot and do your best to avoid the mini chocolates your boss so kindly provides. Throughout the day you engage in several hours of debate with yourself about what to eat, what not to and what diet you should go on. After all, it’s almost summer and you don’t want to be a bloated boo boo again this year! 


As punishment for having too many breadsticks at lunch you decide to skip the actual meal and order another latte at the restaurant instead. You start feeling drained and unfocused as the day goes on so you give into temptation and have too many pieces of the mini chocolates. 


Mentally exhausted, you opt out of your after work gym sesh and head home. You reason that you’ve already done so badly for the day that you may as well continue this way for the rest of the night. You pour yourself a nice glass of wine, boil some pasta and swear you’ll do better tomorrow. 


I am going to let you in on a little secret:


The food you eat is the ticket to a beautiful and toned body, gorgeous hair, clear skin, balanced emotions, tons of energy, mental clarity and focus. Oh, and that diet you are enthusiastically going to start is actually holding you back!


For my ladies who are ready to transform their bodies permanently and start enjoying their lives, I’ve created Body By Design!


Body By Design is a six week program that will teach you how to transform old habits and develop a foundation of healthy eating that promotes optimal beauty, sustained weight loss, ongoing cleansing and excellent health. 


Detox programs are extremely popular these days and I think periodically detoxing your body is great! But, a detox isn’t going to last forever. Have you ever done a cleanse and felt amazing? You felt clear, energetic and clean! Then you had to reintroduce regular food and felt as though all your hard work was undone… In order to sustain your results, you will need to develop a solid foundation of healthy eating first! Otherwise, what is the point of doing the detox?


By understanding what to put into your body and why, you are regaining control of your health and beauty (both have everything to do with the way you eat). Once you learn how to eat well, it will become easily integrated into your lifestyle and you will never have to diet again!


Nourishing yourself on the inside will show on the outside!


At the core of my Body By Design philosophy is the mind-body connection! Our environment is a direct reflection of our thoughts, words and actions and this is very true when it comes to body image. When you think and speak negatively about how you look, you will unknowingly act in a way to create these results.


In this program, you will learn how to love and appreciate your body and transform your relationship with food. Instead of seeing food as the enemy, you will come to appreciate it as a pleasurable tool to assist you in gaining health and beauty.



you will experience a lasting  transformation with Body By Design!

Here is just some of what you will learn:


1. How critical good digestion is to your overall health and how profoundly it effects every system of your body. Benefits of a good digestion include easy weight loss and maintenance, clear skin (problems like acne, excess oil and dryness will improve) more energy throughout your day and a stronger immune system just to name a few. I will teach you how to optimize your digestion with every meal.


2. Food = Mood! Your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters are effected by the foods you consume and have a powerful influence on your energy level, focus and your emotions throughout the day. I will teach you how to eat to keep yourself balanced.


3. Substitutions for your favorite unhealthy foods that are so satisfying you’ll never feel deprived.


4. Where fitness fits in: I will teach you what kind and how much of it you need for your specific goal. Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend three hours a day at the gym or buy a bunch of complicated equipment. You are going to be shocked when you see just how far a little bit can go!


5. How to incorporate superfoods into your diet to help speed up your metabolism, aid in weight loss, provide vitamins and minerals and so much more. Plus, you’ll learn which ones will give you the most benefit and how to prepare them in delicious ways.


6. The importance of fiber and how critical it is go ongoing cleansing! We will discuss the difference between high and low quality fiber. no more powders or cardboard tasting bars! I will show you how to incorporate fiber rich whole foods into your diet.


7. Which foods to eliminate that you may think are good for you, but are actually ravaging your beauty and health!


8. Quick + easy recipes that make healthy eating a delicious and pleasurable experience.


9. How to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on pounds.


10. We will debunk the myths around the macronutrients – proteins, fats and carbs – and get down to what is good for you and what isn’t! Have you ever wondered if there really is such a thing as healthy fat? How much protein do you truly need? And, is it necessary to stay away from carbs? I will be answering these questions and so many more!


11. I’ll give you my special list of the top 10 foods that will give your skin that beautiful movie star glow.


12. The two special methods I learned that changed my life. I went from having a stomach ache every time I ate to feeling and looking more beautiful than ever! The simplicity will blow your mind! The best part is you can use these methods no matter whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, etc.


13. The golden rule of eating that will ensure optimal health, disease prevention and weight loss and maintenance! Nope, its not a magic pill, just 4 very powerful words. 


On top of unlimited e-mail support throughout the duration of your six weeks, I will also be sending you a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to keep your booty on track!


The best part is that you can experience Body By Design from the convenience of your own home!!


Materials will be sent weekly directly to your inbox and you will have a weekly GROUP call with me (7 CALLS IN TOTAL).





Body By Design kicks off its New Year run on 2/3/14!


Investment is $695….


But, to help you start 2014 right I’m offering $200 OFF

if you SIGN UP before 1/23/14!!!

OR $100 OFF the payment plan!

Reserve your spot today and get your Body By Design Introductory packet and schedule instantly!






Talk soon.